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Little Dribblers Academy

This is a six week program where the main focus is to introduce young kids to the joy and excitement of learning basketball. This program will be held on Friday evenings, and the practice and game schedule will be updated and emailed each week.

Each week, we will break down the most basic fundamentals in a way that is fun and engaging for our newest young athletes. We will put a basketball spin on some of our favorite preschool games, such as Relay Races, Would You Rather, Red Light - Green Light, and more. Your little ones will be learning the foundation of the sport while giggling, having fun, and making new friends amongst their basketball buddies and coaches!

Our goal is that all of our athletes leave this program with a new found love for the game of basketball as well as a solid understanding of basketball skills. By the end of the season, our Little Dribblers will have learned the following basketball concepts:

  • Offense vs. Defense and goals of each 

  • The definition of a team

  • The value of working together and communication

  • Catching the basketball, triple threat & pivot

  • Defensive stance and defensive slide

  • Dribbling, Passing & Shooting

Come join The Little Dribblers Academy and see why this program focuses on FUNdamentals! 

Player Registration

Little Dribblers Academy



Every 3 weeks

This is a developmental coed league for basketball players ages 4-6.

Valid for 12 weeks

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